Friday, May 8, 2009

Barack Obama Documentary

Question that would be asked to people is:

When Obama ran for president what did you first thought and felt about it ?
How can you compare/reflect yourself/life to him?
What important you think about Obama and why?
Do you think he inspire's young kids how and why?
If we still didn't have a black president do you think problems/issues would stay the same?
Do you think that adults and kids would change there actions and abilities/bad actions if Barack Obama would pass a perfect plan for education ?
If Barack Obama was rite next to you rite now how your attitude would change towards him what would be some question you would ask and how would you answer it?
If you would've had the chance to speak up to the world and speak out your thought's about your main issue about this world what would talk about and how would it reflect other people's thoughts?

The message to my Documentary is inspiring young kids and for them to describe there thought's and feelings. And to show that how some kids are left behind but how they have a something good about our president and how they change there bad actions to positive. Now kids would now explain to us how they feel and open talk.We would act like Obama  in his shoes but say what we feel so as the adults they can talk about how some of them loss there jobs and they can talk about how if we didn't have Obama how they going to get there job and how life is going to be,however one of the difficulties would be how they pay there monthly bills and how do they live without there job.


Monday, April 27, 2009


The only thing I would change in this story is the color because If you want to get people attention you should put color for that specific documentaries. And how at the end they should've made it more interesting for people want to continue learning more about it. If I would've made a documentary similar like this I would've done the same thing but change the music color people's attitude from the antagonist . That's about it I said that people's attitude from the antagonist I would change first because they were acting so fake to the protagonist which was the one who always get bullied by the bullies. Then next I would change the color of the back ground scene because I think to make something interesting and get people get deep into it then make it seem like people want to see and join it if it is persuasive but for this movie the bullied boy should've make it more seem like he is getting bullied and he needs HELP and should've went to different places or scene to go to so the parent's can get more involed in the documentary and make the parents look more shock about how there child's is not home and then at the end how they can solve the problem and what's going to happen to the bullies. Probably they might act better and respect people no one knows.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Club Blog Critique

Any one can connect there selfs to Anne Frank any how by there intelligence there boyfriend girlfriend issues. Life is really rush for many people. Such as Anne Frank how she been a lot and how she cannot live her life the way she always wanted to be and how they had to move one place to another to wait until war is over so then can live a normal life but at the end love end up not surviving.For the people that can connect to her probably there life is similar today by them searching for love then they take it up and beyond then she ends up looking for her baby daddy then the mother tears for help but there no hole or light and then when that's over how can you get the power to help your self.

Anne Frank was stuck in the Annex and inside there not only she fool around and stayed put she have wrote a diary that her dad published for us to read and write this blog post about her diary. Is like a soda bottle that has came out from the freezer. Not a soda bottle that is so hot and no one to drink in a hot summer day.I say this because no teenager that is so thoughtful would do that . They would do something to get them into serious conditions. Such as going to jail or commit a suicide or hit some one's child when you can be at home doing what Anne Frank did.

If Anne Frank was still alive I think she would do something that would impress people and they would try to follow her example. Such as reading high level books. I say reading books because every where you go eventually you going to read a sign a lesson a verse and e.t.c.

I think this book was sad especially the part when she wrote at the end of the book when she wrote that I here foot prints you can tell that It might be the end of the world for her.

I would love to recommend this book to people so they can know about the history of Jews. And how life would reflect to yours.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anne Frank 04/02/09

A girl Diary who could've been saving families life
Well the question is how can we learn from Anne Franks decisions and experiences. I think any one can learn from decisions she made. First of all they were positive understandable and a go on decision. Many people that doesn't have so much decision's or attention some take advantages to commit a suicide kill people that surrounded by him or her or sell there body. Hurt there mother's feelings or there father would disappear because how they can't take care of there family and how they can't take of them self and also how they suffer through out there life. I understand because many people have those type of problems and I know they feel. But for Anne Family that Type different . If a family feels like this please read A Diary of Anne Frank it is interesting. No more wars between families and country or religious culture or race. This diary is about a girl who is a Jew and Nazi don't like them and since the Nazi took all over the world they made harsh laws for the Jews. The Jews suffered a lot but the most thing they have to keep in mind is that they have to move to a safe place so stay in put and they don't have to be apart. And what ever they do they must do wisely. But families need to keep in touch stay together that's why it's called a family. So since Anne can't do anything for her family but stay together. All she does is write on her diary. Do you think the way she act is different then the way she writes. Well, I think yes because the way she writes in her diary acts like she is really smart and when you watch a video she looks like a sweet innocent girl. I can compare this well to my self I am really smart and I'm really afraid to show it I understand if I'm surrounded with important people who care such as my parents my teachers and visiters that come to my school. It very important to be smart where ever you go . Anne important thing in her life you can infer that it is her diary because she writes everything there is like she trust it helped it and admired. I think all family should be that way. For life!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anne Frank

Anne Frank's Family Life
I think that the Anne Family have different personalities. I think that because When Anne talks about her life and her family you can tell that they different and there life style is unique but there life action for them is really awful. Anne is really innocent and really smart and fully thoughtful. Her sister is really prettier than her even Anne said that her self but is really so important is being smart. Anne Dad is really brave and protective I say that because Anne said that she thinks her father gives her more attention and I know so many people who rely on you and they care about you and other kids or adults may be similar to that but he is a good parents to his kids and to add on to that you can tell that Anne has a good father who loves and take care of her Anne is a good example for kids who has the same personality like her and thoughtful thoughts. I can compare me to her because I am so innocent and really love to wear clothes and shoes love to have fun go to parties but when it's time to get serious I'm always in there and I'm going to take something positive out of it. Like for example when I went to a place where we had to take a specialize high school test and I was so confident I used all teachers strategies at the end I had my results saying that I pass. I knew I did great and never give up my abilites.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Club Authors Voice

The voice for Anne Frank is deep and physically innocent because her thought are really impressive and you can relate and understand her mood to her diary. I said that she is innocent physically outside trait because she acts like a mature young girl who likes to have fun and falls in love like the clip we was just watching in the front of the clip she was already acting like she had so much fun with her friends but as the movie goes on and on she starts talking more deep about her diary and talk about how she is going to develop more of her action because she thinks that she doesn't get that much care and love we going to fund out how she going improve that.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love become hatred

Rodge eyes rolled to the other side when his mother was talking to him.''Rodge you is royal why you don't understand that? Anything you want you get it as quick."Mother I do understand is that you not giving me the chance to live my life said Rodge I am old enough to do things myself". Mother's eyes turned 360 degrees. Rodge wasn't in the mood for that. He rushed out from the first entrance. It takes about 5 minutes to live that house. The minute you leave your legs tremble for going down through the long stairs. As Rodge catches his breath. He went to his cousins house. At his way there the body guard said,"why you didn't take the car to your cousin's house". Rodge said I rather take a walk so you should go where ever you just came form and let me do what I have to do.